Monday, June 30, 2014

Making Teen Numbers Folder Game

This jungle-themed folder game teaches kids how "teen" numbers are formed by asking them to place the numbers 0-9 over a row of tens.  The game boards also include a pile of 10 bananas and a set of 10 banana cards.  For each teen number, the parent can help the child add the correct number of bananas to the pile (n+10) as a second way to emphasize how teen numbers are formed.

To access the folder game, click the link below:

Making Teen Numbers

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Mama's Happy Hive said...

This is an awesome printable! Thanks for linking up at the "Learn & Play" Thursday Link party. You have been featured on the Christian Montessori Network blog! :)

Marie Mack said...

Great printable! We are happy to feature your post at the Learn & Play Link up on Christian Montessori Network. Thank you so much for joining the party!

Missy Pea said...

Thank you. I enjoy being a part of the link-up every week.

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